2021 Q1 EHS Newsletter from BCA

Thank you for viewing our Q1 EHS Newsletter. We hope that you find this information useful and helpful. If there are any questions you have please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bcaconsultants.com.

2021 Environmental Compliance Calendar

The next compliance year is here with some of your reporting due this month. This is not a comprehensive list of due dates, but is a list of most common. We understand each site is different, so if you have any questions about items listed here, or maybe you have a report that you do not see here, feel free to contact us with any questions. We are happy to help!

    • NPDES DMRs (20th or 28th)
    • Quarter 4 Air (1/30)
    • Semmiannual 2 NESHAPs (1/30)
    • Boiler MACT Compliance (1/30)
    • Tier II (3/1)
    • Registrations and MSOP Annual Notificaitons (3/1)
    • RCRA Annual Reports (3/1)
    • DNR Water Withdrawal (3/31)
    • GHG (3/31)
    • Annual Compliance Certifications, select counties (4/15)
    • Annual Compliance Certifications, all other counties (7/1)
    • Form R and Form A (7/1)
    • Triennial Emissions Statement, southern counties (7/1)
    • Annual Emissions Statement (7/1)

Need a Compliance Calendar?

BCA is sending out individualized compliance calendars for our regular clients. If you have not recieved yours yet, you should shortly. If you would like one, please contact ademarco@bcaconsultants.com.

Next year we plan to have this in your hands prior to January for 2022.

Click below for a preview of a couple examples:

RCRA Resources

RCRA is… a lot. Here are some resources that we find useful as we work through RCRA issues. We also attened McCoy’s RCRA Hazardous Waste training virtually this year. That is a highly recommended class for anyone that is dealing with RCRA on a regular basis.


Ozone – NWI

This did not play out how we expected in early 2020. On June 18 and 19 the Northbrook monitor exceeded the 2008 Ozone standard. In December IDEM applied for an “Exceptional Event” demonstration for those days resulting from air from wildfires moving into the region. This is in an effort to avoid Severe classifcation. Public comment ended January 18 and we are awaiting EPA’s decision, which is expected by March.

If IDEM is unsuccessful Lake and Porter counties may be subject to a 25 ton VOC limit.

Rule 6 to MSGP

IDEM is considering modifying the existing General Rule 6 Permit to the EPA MSGP program that is used by states such as Ohio and Michigan.