BCA Environmental Consultants

Seminars and Trainings

Standards and Regulations are comprehensive and detailed, which can result in them feeling confusing and cumbersome. Our goal is to take the details and break them down into more manageable bit-size pieces. During the trainings and seminars we provide tools and explain our management philosophies for each Standard and Regulation to simplify your research and increase your certainty. From there you will be able to more effectively find gaps in your programs and be more confident in your compliance decisions moving forward.

ISO Lead Auditor

We offer virtual and live ISO 14001, 45001, 50001 and 9001 Lead Auditor seminars  and certifications. Our live trainings are typically located in the Midwest. If you are from a larger organization with an internal audit team, we can provide training and certifications to your internal audit team. It is a great way to conduct a team audit in a learning environment.

Environmental Compliance

We offer Compliance trainings virtually and live in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. If you have a large enough group, we can schedule a dedicated training at your facility or virtually. We offer EPA compliance trainings related to SPCC and oil management, RCRA Hazardous Waste, Stormwater Pollution Prevention, air permits, wastewater permits and DOT.