Encamp graciously invited us to join their podcast series to discuss ISO 14001. BCA has an extensive background in implementing, managing and auditing ISO systems including ISO 14001, 45001 and 9001, so we were happy to provide an overview of what ISO programs are and what the benefits are. This podcast is a good introductory for those that may be considering implementing an ISO 14001 program or are new to their companies existing program.

In this podcast we talk about where to start if you are implementing, the costs and time frame for implementation, the benefits of having a program and a general discussion about some key components of the ISO 14001 standard including Management of Change, Aspects and Impacts, Internal and External Issues, Operational Control and more. We also discuss the implications of COVID-19 and how a management system could be used to combat the affects the stay at home order is having on companies. It is an external issue that not many of us had plans ready to be implemented, but that will change for many companies moving forward after this experience. There may also be regulatory changes at OSHA in the future. We do not know what those hold yet, but many of us would not be surprised if there are distancing and sanitation standards that come out of this in the months and years to come.

We hope you enjoy. This summer and fall BCA is hosting two Lead Auditor courses that utilize Exemplar Global certified materials. This course is a deep dive into ISO and is beneficial for those of you that are new to ISO and those with years of experience.

Our ISO 14001 and 45001 Lead Auditor courses utilize Exemplar Global certified materials provided by Pillar Management Associates. Attendees may choose to earn one certificate in three days or both in as little as four days, making this a unique opportunity for EHS managers.