Tier II Chemical Storage Maps

In 2016, we experienced some major changes with Tier II Reporting due to the transition in authority from IDEM to Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). Among many differences, one of the most noteworthy change was the requirement to upload a facility map showing where Tier II chemicals are stored onsite and detailed entry and evacuation routes. We are experiencing the IDHS is requesting additional information on the chemical storage areas on the map such as specific chemicals being stored, quantities and type of storage be identified on the map.  After the 2016 March 1 deadline, IDHS began circulating a Tier II Site Plan Guide explaining the requirements for the facility map. As we move closer to 2017’s March 1 deadline, take a look at the guidance document. If you have any questions regarding the site map or anything pertaining to Tier II Reporting, please give BCA a call!

Industrial Wastewater Dischargers Regulated by IDEM

If your facility has an NPDES permit or an industrial wastewater pretreatment permit through IDEM, you must begin submitting all Daily Monitoring Reports (DMR), Monthly Monitoring Reports (MMO), and Monthly Report of Operation (MRO) electronically on NetDMR beginning with the December 2016 reports. We recommend you practice submitting electronically on the NetDMR Test Website to familiarize yourself with the website.  If you need assistance with this transition from paper to electronic submittal, please give BCA a call!