The Public Comment Period is still open for EPA’s proposed updates to the National Pollutant Discharge Effluent System (NPDES) Program and Application.   The NPDES Program began in 1972 as a part of the Clean Water Act, and can be found in 40 CFR Part 122.  EPA is proposing to make both nontechnical and technical changes to the rule. Among other items, the following list below is from EPA’s website, which describes EPA’s key changes to the rule:

  • “Clarifying NPDES definitions and application requirements;
  • Improving permit decision documentation in fact sheets;
  • Allowing permitting authorities to issue public notice of certain permit actions online rather than in a newspaper; and
  • Ensuring issuance of environmentally significant permits in a timelier manner.”

The public has until July 18, 2016 to submit any comments they wish to make to the proposed updates. To view the rest of the proposed changes, visit