BCA Environmental Consultants

Demolition Engineering

BCA works with clients, local governments, regulators, and stakeholders to create demolition and/or site preparation plans to facilitate the removal of unwanted structures, allowing the highest and best site reuse.  These properties often have environmental concerns which complicate the demolition and remediation processes, including asbestos, underground storage tanks, soil contamination, lead paint, recyclable materials, etc.

Complicating factors may include the presence of asbestos, underground and above ground storage tanks, contaminated soil, lead paint, recyclable materials, adjoining structures, and nearby utilities. BCA has extensive experience navigating these challenges, successfully managing demolition projects on environmentally stressed properties.

Demolition Services Include:

Preparation of thorough bid specifications
Management/support of bidding process
Pre-demolition structural evaluations
Asbestos Inspections
Testing of paint for lead & other heavy metals
PCB testing
Sustainable deconstruction
Underground Storage Tanks
Geophysical surveys
Soil & groundwater investigations