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Environmental Compliance and Sustainability

BCA Environmental Consultants provides our clients services related to Air, Water, Waste and Land Quality compliance. We are a broad based firm with experience in over 25 states to cover nearly all of the EHS needs that the modern manufacturing facility needs.  This includes permitting the facility regardless of whether you need an air, wastewater or storm water permit and when you need more than one permit, you will still be designated one Project Manager from BCA. Then, once you are up and running, that same person who is keenly aware of your operations now will also assist with reporting and any other future needs. We pride ourselves on being able to be knowledgeable across all media and functions of our industry to give our clients the best and most efficient experience when working with us.

Air Quality

  • Permitting
  • Emission Estimations
  • Reporting
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Clean Air Act 114 Requests
  • Stack Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans
  • Emergency Reduction Plans
  • Management and Operations
  • Compliance Training
  • Leak Detection and Repair

Land Quality & Solid Waste

  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Manifest Reporting
  • LQG and SQG Annual Training
  • Contingency Plans
  • Episodic Event Applications and Coordination
  • EPA RCRA Requests
  • RCRA CAA and Site Closures
  • Weekly RCRA LQG Inspections
  • RCRA Site ID
  • Solid Waste Processing Permits
  • Solid Waste Transfer Stations Permits
  • Marketing and Distribution Permits
  • Legitimate Use Approval
  • Legitimate Recycling Evaluation
  • Landfill Operator
  • Waste Analysis and Profiling
  • Waste Removal Coordination
  • Recycling Coordination
  • Waste Mapping and Minimization

Chemical Management

  • TSCA Form U
  • EPCRA SARA 312 Tier II
  • EPCRA SARA 313 Form R and A
  • AST Permitting with Agency
  • DOT Consulting and Training
  • RoHAS
  • Prop 65
  • SDS Management
  • Spill Evaluation and Reporting
  • Storage and Tank Permitting

Water Quality and Oil Management

  • SPCC Plans and PE Certification
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and BMPs
  • Flow Measurement Plans
  • Slug Plans
  • PPC Plans
  • Industrial User Wastewater Permitting
  • Industrial Storm Water permitting
  • Treatment System Consulting
  • Treatment System SOPs
  • SPCC Training
  • SWPPP Training
  • Tank Integrity Testing
  • Facility Response Plans
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Plans
  • Wellhead Protection
  • Spill Evaluation and Reporting

We are able to use our Air, Water, Waste and Land Quality compliance experience combined with our on site management to provide all of these services on a monthly contract basis as well. The landscape for compliance at a modern manufacturing facility is ever developing and so is the work force. You can contract with BCA and let us act as your EHS manager at the plant level. We handle the training, reporting, permitting and planning for you to give you confidence your compliance needs are being handled by a professional who takes pride and care in their work and let you and your employees take pride in their work. 

Visit our Contract Management services page to learn more. 

BCA has experience working in the following states and add to this map each year

Air, Land, Water, Waste and ISO Experience


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