BCA Environmental Consultants

ISO Management Systems

BCA specializes in providing support to enhance clients’ environmental, health and safety, energy and quality programs.

We understand the needs of an organization because our personnel have worked anywhere from the plant floor to EHS Manager. Our first hand experience, years of compliance experience and proficiency in ISO 14001, 45001, 50001 and 9001 equips us to build, integrate, audit, manage and improve your systems.

We have implemented certified systems for heavy industry such as integrated and electric arc steel mills and non-certified systems for plastic injection molders and most anything in between. All of our ISO experts are fully trained in ISO 14001, 45001, 50001 and 9001, but what sets us a part is that each member of our ISO team comes with an industrial compliance background with first hand experience implementing and managing a system day to day. This helps us achieve our goals to provide you with a system that works efficiently and effectively for your organization to attain their goals.

A wise person once said that a system is only as good as your audit program which is why we take pride in our auditing skills. We take an approach to help you find your gaps, not necessarily hunt for your wrong-doings to promote continual improvement. BCA auditors are trained and experienced in the Standards and EHS regulations, which allows us to effectively conduct integrated internal audits to multiple standards and EHS compliance in the form of Process audits. We can  be part of or act wholly as your internal auditing team.

Our Lead Auditor or Internal Auditor trainings can be tailored to your facility and system. Each year we hold Lead Auditor training events, live and virtual, which can also be provided to just your team and customized to your system. Other related trainings include EHS employee awareness, root cause analysis, Corrective Action development, or compliance related trainings such as SPCC, Stormwater or Hazardous Waste.

What we truly enjoy and excel at is being part of your team, which is why we offer our EHS management services through routine monthly recurring agreements. We use our experience in site level management, auditing, training and compliance to manage your system and act as a team member and your dedicated EHS expert. Project scopes may require one day per quarter, month or week, but we will work with you to determine what is best. Through routine visits we will monitor training, provide trainings, file reports, oversee corrective actions, root cause analysis, Management Review meetings, and whatever else your facility needs assistance with.